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The DAC FOUNDATION COLLECTION consists of more than 1,500 works of art. The focus of the collection is work by Southern artists associated with the historic Dixie Art Colony and other closely related organizations such as the Alabama Art League and the Watercolor Society of Alabama. The Foundation holds the most extensive collection of DAC-related artwork and ephemera known to be held in any other institution or private collection. The collection also includes a limited number of works from a movement referred to as the Cleveland School, other American and European artists, and Decorative Arts. The artwork is organized according to the artist's name and category. Where possible, photographs of the artists and biographical sketches are included. The collection can be sorted by artist and by category.

While the DAC Foundation Collection will continue to focus on Dixie Art Colony-related work, the foundation has also begun collecting artwork by artists associated with closely related organizations such as the Alabama Art League, Watercolor Society of Alabama, and others. 

THE COLLECTION DATABASE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. By the close of 2021, we hope to have more than 50 percent of the collection entered into the database and viewable online. The collection can be viewed using the artist's links and group links below, or to view all artwork currently in the database, follow this link: ENTIRE DATABASE


Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Dixie Art Colony

Arthur Walter Stewart
Alabama, California |  1915 - 2001

DAC Foundation Purchase

There is compelling evidence that suggests this painting is a Central Alabama scene painted on a Dixie Art Colony outing. |  More Work by Stewart


Alabama Landscape, oil on canvas, 1940, 33 x 35.5 inches



Cleveland School

Samuel Bookatz
Pennsylvania, Ohio  |  1910 - 2009

Harris Collection Purchase

The DAC Foundation Collection includes one gouache painting by Bookatz.  |  Learn More About Bookatz


Village Scene, gouache on paper, 1936, 8 x 10 inches


CLEVELAND SCHOOL Represented in the Collection: Henry George Keller  |  Samuel Bookatz  |  William H. Krippendorf  |  Carl William Broemel   [ENTIRE GROUP]

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

More Southern Artists

Isaac Irving Wolfson
New York, Alabama  |  1908-2003

Harris Collection Purchase

The DAC Foundation Collection includes four dry point etchings by Wolfson.  |  More Work by Wolfson


West Street: New York City, drypoint etching, circa 1940, 11.75 x 7.5 inches


OTHER SOUTHERN ARTISTS Represented in the Collection: Isaac Irving Wolfson  |  Richard Zoellner  |  Tut Altman Riddick  |  Mae Belle Gay  |  Virginia "Vae" Barnes  |  Rachel Joy Colvin  |  Susie Powers Tompkins  |  Dorothy Boone |  Nell Hardeman.  [ENTIRE GROUP]

More American Artists

Dr. Charles H. Kingsmore
South Carolina  |  1823-1873

Harris Collection Purchase

The DAC Foundation Collection includes one oil painting by Kingsmore in the original gold leaf frame.  |  Learn More About Kingsmore


Unknown Portrait, oil on canvas, circa 1850s, 30 x 25 inches


OTHER AMERICAN ARTISTS Represented in the Collection: George Schreiber  |  Paul Garfield Benton  |  Jack Levine  |  Luigi Lucioni  |  Dr. C.H. Kingsmore  |  Harold Altman  |  John James Audubon  |  Karl Schrag  |  Frederick Montague Charman  |  Carl William Verburgt  |  Methvin Thomson Salter III  |  Kerr Eby   [ENTIRE GROUP]

European Artists

Unknown Artist
European  |  19th century

Harris Collection Purchase

The DAC Foundation Collection includes two watercolor paintings by this unknown artist.   |   More European Art


Untitled Landscape I, watercolor on paper, 19th century 4.25 x 5.5 inches


EUROPEAN ARTISTS Represented in the Collection: A. Henley  |  Louis Eugène Lambert  |  John Gould  |  Henry Seebohm  |  A variety of Unknown Artist with illegible signatures  |  British Photogravures produced in 1916 by the firms of Elliot & Fry, Kirk & Sons, Russell & Sons, Thomson, and Beken & Son   [ENTIRE GROUP]

Decorative Arts

Louis Comfort Tiffany
New York  |  1848-1933

Harris Collection Purchase

Favrile glass is a type of iridescent art glass developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. He patented this process in 1894 and first produced the glass for manufacture in 1896 in Queens, New York.  |  Learn More About Tiffany


Bowl and Plate, Favrile Glass, circa 1890s, 6 inches diameter


DECORATIVE ARTS Represented in the Collection: Louis Comfort Tiffany  |  Maurice G. Clabaugh, Jr. Ph.D,  |  John Dreves-Steuben  |  Donald Pollard-Steuben  |  Stephen Cappelli  |  Alex Matisse  |  A variety of Unknown Artist or Illegible Signatures  [ENTIRE GROUP]

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