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Education is a large and vital part of our mission. We want to do more than just curate art exhibitions, we want to promote the arts by telling the stories behind the art and the artists.  Through art education, we can help create a sense of value, and explain the important role art plays in the development of healthy can vibrant communities.

  • Learn more about the Foundation's mission, collections, and organizational systems.
  • Learn about the Regionalism or American Scene painting, an American realist modern art movement that was popular from 1920s through the 1950s in the United States.  The Regionalist style was the preferred style of the for most of the Dixie colonists.
  • Learn intimate details about the Dixie Art Colony and the artists that participated. We will include sneak previews of artwork and scrapbook items that have never been seen by the general public.
  • Learn about South Alabama's art colony: The Bayou Painters. Colony instructors at this colony included Kelly Fitzpatrick, Shiney Moon, and Genevieve Southerland. All participants in the Dixie Art Colony.
  • Learn more about President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's New Deal art and architecture programs and its effect on the State of Alabama. Some of the Dixie Art Colony artists including Kelly Fitzpatrick were participants in the program.


Join us as we continue to explore the legacy of the Dixie Art Colony.


Help us nurture and excite the next generation of local artists.


Learn with us as we examine the visual arts and the history behind them.

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The Dixie Archives

The Dixie Art Colony Archives offer much more than examples of Depression Era and Post-Depression Era regional artwork.

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All Programs Have Been Temporarily Suspended Due To Covid-19

About Our Programs

The majority of our programs are designed to offer small groups of individuals an up-close and personal opportunity to learn more about the visual arts in a casual setting. While some of our programs will venture outside the south, most will focus on the Southern Region, particularly Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi.

There will be a small fee to attend some of our programs while others such as Lunch & Learn are entirely free of charge, open to the general public, and do not require reservations. Our more in-depth four-session programs do require reservations and a small fee is charged. Volunteers will receive a discount.

We hope to resume our programs soon.

Lunch & Learn Programs

  • Length(1) One-Hour Session
  • 2020 TermTypically the Third Thursday of Each Month
  • Apply tillCome as you are. Some, but not all require reservations.
  • StipendFREE
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About Our Lunch & Learn Programs

For details about scheduled programs, check out our Coming Events link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirments to register for our Volunteer & Learn Programs?

Volunteer & Learn Programs are open to any individual 16 years of age or older. The programs are primarily designed to provide enrichment for our volunteers. However, non-volunteers may register for a fee of $45. Volunteers receive a discount of $30 in exchange for a pledge of six hours of volunteer service.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available form addressing envelopes to assisting with programs and receptions. For more information about becoming a volunteer, check out our Volunteer Application.

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