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Colony Scrapbooks

Many of the scrapbooks which include newspaper articles, brochures, postcards, letters, sketches, and photographs contain items which have never been seen before by the general public. We are working to carefully digitize each item and preserve them for future generations.

Examples of some specific items included in our collection:

  • An illustrated birthday tribute to Kelly Fitzpatrick dated August 15, 1950.
  • Rare photographs of the colonists and instructors.
  • Notes, letters and sketches by many of the colonists.
  • Original colony brochures and postcards.
  • Newspaper clippings about the colony.


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Preserve the Legacy Fund

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Donations made specifically to the Preserve the Legacy fund will be earmarked for the acquisition of new Dixie Art Colony related artwork and memorabilia or for the restoration and archival framing of Dixie Art Colony related artwork currently in our permanent collection.

Original Artwork

View Our Collection

We have worked diligently to assemble a collection of original artwork by Dixie Art Colony artists. The collection is made up of donated work and purchases. We are interested acquiring all works by the Dixie colonists, particularly works of art that we believe were executed at the Dixie colony.

The DAC Foundation has assembled numerous examples of Dixie Art Colony related collectables including items ounce owned by the colonists, books, magazines and a variety of ephemera including brochures, cards, and notes and letters to and from colonists.

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