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More Than Artwork

The Dixie Art Colony Archives offer much more than examples of Depression Era and Post-Depression Era regional artwork and photographs. The archives paint a nostalgic portrait of life at and around the Dixie Art Colony and insight into the lives of the Dixie colony participants. 

The archives were used to compile a comprehensive list of Dixie Art Colony participants. This list will first appear in the appendix of our soon to be released book titled Dixie Art Colony: A Look at its Lasting Legacy.

The archives include original artwork, an extensive collection of private papers, journals, scrapbooks, exhibition catalogs, newspaper articles, books, magazines, brochures, postcards, and photographs. Many of these items have never been seen before by the general public.

Future plans include the development of a resourse library which will include a searchable database, the Dixie Archives, books, magazines and other related resourse materials.

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Our Collection


Original Artwork

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Donations made specifically to the Preserve the Legacy fund will be earmarked for the acquisition of new Dixie Art Colony related artwork and memorabilia or for the restoration and archival framing of Dixie Art Colony related artwork currently in our permanent collection.

Colony Scrapbooks

More About the Scrapbooks

Many of the scrapbooks which include newspaper articles, brochures, postcards, letters, sketches, and photographs contain items which have never been seen before by the general public. We are working to carefully digitize each item and preserve them for future generations.

The DAC Foundation has assembled numerous examples of Dixie Art Colony related collectables including items ounce owned by the colonists, books, magazines and a variety of ephemera including brochures, cards, and notes and letters to and from colonists.


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    Frances shank Durr says:

    My mother, Jane Mertins , was a member of the Dixie Art Colony. She is the unknown person sitting by Warrie LeBron in your picture in the museum. She and Warrie went to Sullins College and Huntingdon to gether. Her married name was Mrs. Felix Shank.
    Frances Durr

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