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In May of 2014, Mark A. Harris, with the assistance of Lynn Williams Katz, Sally LeBron Holland, and Martha Moon Kracke, curated what is thought to be the first comprehensive exhibition featuring the Dixie Art Colony. An article written by Lynn Katz, Ph.D. published in the Summer 1996 edition of Alabama Heritage magazine served as the inspiration for the exhibition. The popular exhibition and lecture series held at the Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery served as the impetus for the formation of the Dixie Art Colony Foundation.  The exhibition drew large crowds and visitors to Wetumpka, Alabama from as far away as Baltimore, Maryland.


The Dixie Art Colony Foundation was founded as part of an effort to place greater emphasis on the research, documentation, and preservation of the legacy of Central Alabama's unique and historic Dixie Art Colony. Our primary mission is to preserve and promote the history and legacy left by the Colony participants as we engage, inspire and educate artists and the public at large about the colony. Our secondary mission is to promote local and regional visual arts through the collection, recognition, documentation, and the publication of relevant works of American art. Our exhibitions include original works of art, as well as the story behind the artist and their work. Both our exhibitions and programs are designed to promote local tourism and inspire creative industry.

The DAC Foundation is a non-profit corporation incorporated in Elmore County, Alabama. We have filed Form #1023 with the IRS requesting 501(c)(3) status. We wish to thank the Elmore County Art Guild for serving as our Fiscal Sponsor.

Visit the Dixie Art Colony Museum & Gallery, located at 219 Hill Street, in Downtown Wetumpka. The rotating exhibition of original artwork and memorabilia is changed each quarter. We also conduct monthly programs related to the Dixie Art Colony and Wetumpka artist John Kelly Fitzpatrick. Our regular gallery hours are Monday, and Wednesday from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. We are closed on most major holidays. We are also open by appointment. FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR SCHEDULE A TOUR, CALL US AT 334-328-0730.

Tour of our Downtown Wetumpka Museum & Gallery.

From the Director

At its core, art does far more than just bring beauty into our world. Art has the ability to transport us into a different time and place, helping us to gain historical perspective and understanding. Through art, we can learn to appreciate different periods in history and better understand the significance of how our history has impacted our communities. In many ways, artists serve as historians, creating visual records of our society and culture. Join us as we continue to explore the legacy of the Dixie Art Colony and nurture and excite the next generation of artists.

Mark A. Harris

Dixie Art Colony: A Look at its Lasting Legacy

Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery: May 23 through July 6, 2014 More than a year in the making, this exhibition about one of the Deep South’s first art colonies is thought to be the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition about the Dixie Art Colony. The exhibition was inspired by Lynn Barstis Williams Katz, Ph.D.

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Our Board of Trustees is made up of 15 diverse individuals dedicated to serving as leaders, community ambassadors and promoters of the Dixie Art Colony Foundation and the visual arts.

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