Alex Matisse

North Carolina Potter and Great-Grandson of Henri Matisse

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Born in 1984, Alex Matisse grew up in an affluent family in the small town of Groton, Massachusetts. As the great-grandson of famous French artist Henri Matisse, Alex wanted to prove he could make it independently. So, Alex left Massachusetts to study pottery-making in the mountains of North Carolina. After completing his apprenticeship in 2009, he settled on an old Madison County, North Carolina tobacco farm and soon met his future wife and partner Connie Coady. 

Alex started his career as a potter, specializing in huge one-of-a-kind pots that were very labor-intensive to create. In 2013, the couple’s friend John Vigeland came to North Carolina for a visit, which led to a three-way partnership and the founding of a thriving business known today as “East Fork Pottery.” Through the formation of “East Fork,” the Matisses and co-founder John Vigeland are on a mission to introduce artisanal ceramics to the general public.

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