We continue to be thankful for the positive feedback we receive from our FOLLOWERS through emails, our Facebook page, and our website. Below are a few examples of the MANY KIND NOTES we have received over the past few months. Please know your comments are appreciated.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Arthur Walter Stewart, Dixie Art Colony Studio at Lake Jordan, circa 1938, AWS-2020.PH.0001

  • "Thank you Mark! You have no idea how delighted I am to be in touch with you. I took a look at your, comprehensive and well written, and well researched. I am so grateful. My dream has been to preserve the history and memories of my parents and their art. I wish I had met you years ago."  C.B., Tuscaloosa, AL 
  • "I am so proud of your meticulous care, respect, and love for such an important piece of our story! A hard working, dedicated Foundation."  –S.R., Huntsville, AL 
  • "I loved reading the painting's backstory. Thank you for including the stories along with the artwork."  –B.H., Montgomery, AL 
  • "This is phenomenally exciting and just a wonderful collection to be bestowed on your organization. You are very fortunate."  –B.N., Williamsburg, VA 
  • "Thanks to Mark Harris and Marcia Webber for a great day in Wetumpka. Rave reviews from everyone for this interesting and informative 'art' event." D.R., Auburn, AL 
  • "This post are wonderful...thanks so much! We enjoy all of the releases and look forward to many others. I continue to be amazed at all you are accomplishing."  B.D., Wetumpka, AL 
  • "I admire very much what you are doing with your Foundation!."   –L.Y., Fairhope, AL 
  • "These are great and very interesting articles. I sure feel we made the right decision in transferring the collection to the Dixie Art Colony Foundation."   B.S., Foley, AL 
  • "My word. The searchable database on your website is very impressive! A considerable labor of love and time, no doubt. Congratulations on creating such an elegant and educational legacy."  –S.K., Baton Rouge, LA 
Dixie Art Colony Foundation, Wetumpka, Alabama


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