Art in U.S. Embassies Exhibition

Shiney Moon included in Bucharest U.S. Embassy Exhibition: The Museum of Modern Art first envisioned the idea of a global visual arts program, and in 1963, President John F. Kennedy formalized it. Today, with more than 200 venues, ART In Embassies curates temporary and permanent exhibitions for the representational spaces

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Dixie Girls: Donnave & Louise

— From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 20, 1945 Dixie Girl Artists, Home for Holiday, Put South on Canvas for Gotham Exhibit:  At six Donnave Brennan was a failure. She couldn’t draw cats. She couldn’t draw automobiles or rabbits or houses or boats. She was, in short, an artistic flop. This situation grieved

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Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Wolfe Paintings Added to the Collection

Karl Wolfe Watercolor Landscapes Added to the Collection: Two large southern landscapes by colony artist Karl Ferdinand Wolfe have been added to the Dixie Art Colony collection.  Wolfe was proficient in both watercolors and oils. He became best known for his oil portraits. By his own estimation, Wolfe painted more than 800

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