Abstract Works from the Collection: Part Two

In PART-TWO of this four-part series, we will look at three works  of abstraction by Dixie Art Colony artist CALOS ALPHA "SHINEY" MOON and two works by Dixie Art Colony artist RICHARD BLAUVELT COE included in the DAC Foundation Collection. We have included a description under each work of art shown and a notation about the movement that we think best describes the piece.

Included in our collection is a watercolor painted by Moon while on a trip to coastal Massachusetts. During this trip, Moon studied with artist Morris Davidson. Although this particular painting is representational, we believe it was on this trip that Moon began to experiment with abstraction. Davidson was an artist, writer, and educator well-known for his abstract work. Although based in New York City, Davidson worked and taught in several artists' hubs, including Asheville, North Carolina, Rockport, Massachusetts, and Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Carlos Alpha "Shiney" Moon, Untitled Abstract, n.d., Abstract Expressionism; CAM-2021.AW.0004
This colorful and complex composition is part of a series of watercolor paintings from the late in his career.

Carlos Alpha "Shiney" Moon, Holiday n.d., Abstract ExpressionismDAT-2016.AW.0002
This bright, colorful watercolor on paper depicts a faceted skyline.

Wetumpka, Alabama

Carlos Alpha "Shiney" Moon, Hurricane Damage IIn.d., Surrealism; CAM-2016.AW.0001
The subject of this watercolor on paper is hurricane damage on the northern Gulf Coast.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Carlos Alpha "Shiney" Moon at Coden, Alabama; CAM-2015.PH.0001

Dixie Art Colony Foundation, Wetumpka, Alabama

Richard Blauvelt Coe, Road to Devin Yacht Club, 1971, Abstract Expressionism; RBC-2018.AW.0001
The scene shown in the painting is from Amagansett, NY, on Long Island’s eastern shore.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Richard Blauvelt Coe, New York Skyline, 1963, Abstract Expressionism; RBC-2020.AW.0002
This gouache on paper painting is an interpretation of the New York City skyline.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Richard Blauvelt Coe at the Dixie Art Colony, Nobles Ferry; RBC-2015.PH.0001

In PART-THREE, we will look at more abstract works by Moon and an example by Alabama Art League artist Richard Zoellner, all from the DAC Foundation Collection. Although we do not have documentation that Zoellner participated in the Dixie Art Colony, his name can be found in the DAC Foundation Archives. We have documentation that he participated inthe Alabama Art League, an organization closely related to the Dixie Art Colony. Letters in the DAC Foundation Archives show that Shiney Moon studied with Zoellner, also well-known for his abstract work. 

To learn more about Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism, follow this link to read PART ONE of this series.  Dixie Art Colony Foundation, Wetumpka, Alabama


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