Planning for a TRAVELING EXHIBITION titled “FROM THE ARCHIVES: AN ASSEMBLAGE OF SHARED HISTORY” is well underway. This new exhibition featuring a series of 36 large-formatprofessionally-restored photographs, blended with a unique collection of artwork and ephemera from the Dixie Art Colony Foundation Archives, tells the compelling story behind the depression-era coterie known as the Dixie Art Colony. This traveling exhibition, opening in 2022, will be our most unique and captivating to date..

Wetumpka, Alabama

Weaver Broch, circa 1935-1936; Lake Jordan, Alabama; 13 x 17 inches; AME-2020.PH.0003 

The exhibition will chronicle the duration of the Dixie Art Colony, beginning with the tragic event that sparked its conception and culminate with a look at a series of tragedies that ultimately led to its demise. Shown is a PREVIEW of some of the images that will be included in the exhibition.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation

Paris France, circa 1914; Source: Library of Congress

Arthur Walter Stewart, circa 1936, 17 x 13 inches; AWS-2019.PH.0001

Karl Ferdinand Wolfe, circa 1930s, 17 x 13 inches; KFW-2019.PH.0001

Donnave Brennan Lindsey, circa 1930s, 17 x 13 inches; DBL-2016.PH.0001

Martha Petroski, circa 1935-1936; Elmore County, AL; 13 x 17 inches; WCL-2013.PH.0001

Doris Alexander Thompson, n.d., Magnolia Springs, AL; 13 x 17 inches; WCL-2013.PH.0001

Mildred Nungester Wolfe, circa 1938, Elmore County, Alabama; 13 x 17 inches; MNW-2013.PH.0001

Dixie Art Colony Foundation, Wetumpka, Alabama

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