“DIXIE DOODLES: The Lighter Side”

The colonists were well known for their casual laid back style and fun-loving sprit. Therefore, it is not surprising that numerous cartoons and caricatures were created by the artists while they were at the colony. We call this collection of sketches, screen prints and painted ceiling panels "Dixie Doodles." In the photograph below Kelly Fitzpatrick is shown standing in the Nobles Ferry studio. If you look closely at the studio ceiling, you can see some of the ceiling panels the artists painted.

Nobles Ferry

Dixie Art Colony cofounder Kelly Fitzpatrick is shown in the Nobles Ferry studio.

The images shown above are a few samples of a lively pairing of pencil sketches, watercolor sketches and painted ceiling panels from the Dixie Art Colony, which are included in our exhibition titled "Dixie Doodles."  Based on the provenance, we know the sketches and ceiling panels like the ones shown above were created at the Dixie Art Colony. The sketches are part of a series of more than 25 caricature we have acquired of some of the artists and guests that attended the Dixie Art Colony. The sketches were drawn by Frank Woodberry Applebee, Richard Blauvelt Coe, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and others.

Dixie Art Colony Foundation, Wetumpka, Alabama

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